created: 14.12.01
changed: 12.01.08

Okay, to call this page "upload" is quite optimistic. Honestly one can not (yet?) simply upload results. But how ever, the answer to the question "How do I get the zBench results of my SuperMegaGreatTOSMachine displayed here?" is : simply hit the "mail me" button above and send me your zBench results (ZBH-files) including some kind of documentation.

Attention: If not stated differently the sender of a ZBH-result file agrees to the publication of the following data on this page: 1.) Benchmark results from the ZBH-file, 2.) System configuration, 3) Name / alias and 4.) e-mail address of the sender!!!


To make it more easy to compare the different results all ZBH-files should be send with a appropriate documentation. Please provide as much of the information listed below:
  • Hardware:
    • Systemtyp (Mega STE, Falcon, PC, Mac, ...)
    • CPU incl. frequency
    • FPU incl. frequency
    • DSP incl. frequency
    • Grafics (Onboard, grafics card, ...)
    • Harddisk (type, modell)
  • Software
    • operating system incl. version (Magic 6.1, N.AES 2.0 => MiNT kernel version)
    • version of the grafics card driver if used with Atari hardware
    • NVDI / fVDI incl. version
    • Emulators:
      • name und version
      • based on which operating system
    • screen resolution and color depth (recommendation: 800x600 256 colors)

It should be clear that only accurate or correct resluts are wellcome here. Sure enough evereyone would like to own the fastest Falcon, TT, Milan or ... on earth. But everything must be fair here. Some tunig like running zBench without Auto folder programs, Desktop and Accessories is okay. But no one should do sonething stupid like editing the ZBH-files.
When I should notice that some results look quite unnormal I will ask the sender some questions. Also I reserve the right not to publish strange results on this page. So be a gentlemen, be fair and have fun ;-)