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On this page all results for Atari emulators are shown. Most of the results shown here so far come from MagiC Mac systems. The reason for this is that zBench version 0.9 - which was mostly used until now - required a 68020 CPU. MagiC Mac is the only emulator which met this requirement.
Fortunately the current zBench version 0.96 also supports 68000 CPUs. So it should be possible to also run zBench on PC based emulators. How ever on my PCs running MagiC PC demo I was not able to get all tests complete correctly ...

One interesting thing will be to compare Magic PC and STEmulator. This will become even more interesting when STEmulator 2.0 is available becaus it is set to emulate a 68040 CPU ...

Since the CPU power is - in my view - the most important value for every day work, all systems are ordered according to their CPU power. This sort order is maintained in all grafs. This should make it easy to keep track of the different systems.

Attention: Since the harddisk value of the PC PII/392 is VERY high it is not used in the TOP section until it is veryfied with the system owner.

Attention: The very high 3D values of the iBook G3/500 and the Umax Apus are not used in the TOP section. This is because the 3D test surely did not complete correctly on this systems so the value will not be correct.