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Unfortunately I don't have enough time to enhance the contents of these pages. That's why they will stay active in the current state. If I should find some more time in the future, I would like to add other benchmark programs like i.e. Kronos and HowFastII. Also I would like to change the page to a dynamic layout ...

How ever, today I performed a small update/correction:
  • reactivation of the WEB-Counters
  • introduces a simple spam protection to all e-mail addresses


Didier Mequignon and Rodolphe Czuba published the first benchmark results of the CT60 accelerator for the Falcon. I added these results here. And as you can see in the results section the CT60 ia a really nice and fast piece of hardware.

New results added:
  • Rodolphe Czuba: Falcon CT60/100
  • Didier Mequignon: Falcon CT060/72


After a long delay a little update of this page ...

My counter and statistics provider closed its business so I switched to a new one.

New results added:
  • Andreas McKnopf: PowerMac 8500, 3x Umax Apus (603e/240, G3/300)
  • Martin Weidauer: TT 030 with CaTTamaran & aixTT, 3x Umax Pulsar (604e/250, G3/300, G3/366)


After a long, long time an update of these pages - great, insn't it?

All charts are now stored as GIF files. This leads to smaller files which can be loaded much faster. Also the charts are better readeble also if they show a lot of values - like in the Falcon section.

In the download section you can find the current version of zBench which is 0.95. In addition there is an archive containing all collected results in ZIP and LZH format.

New results added:
  • Dieter König: 2x TT 030 with StarTrack DSP card, 2x Falcon with CT2 / Nova grafics card
  • Patrice Male: 4x Falcon with AfterBurner 040 in different configurations
  • Martin Elsässer: PowerBook 3400 with SpeedDoubler
  • Wolfgang Schmidt: Milan 040/25 without and without caches


Unfortunately there are no new results! But I'm just mailing arround to get some new interesting results. If someone has something exciting (i.e. an accelerated TT, ...) - please mail it to me.

On the download page all ZBH-files which represent systems which made it to the "TOP-systems" section are marked. From the four results categories "Falcon", "TT 030", "Clones" and "Emulator" the two best systems for each test recieved one or more of the following "medals":



The (unofficial) zBench results page is now available in english. Only pages containing some more text are translated since grafs should be the same in german and in english ;-) All pages showing the two flags besides the zBench logo above are availabel in english.

New results added:
  • Zorro: TT 030 (4x), PowerBook 3400, PC PII/392, Hades 040LC/32
  • Lutz Müller: PowerMac 5500
  • Bernd Fehling: Milan 040/25
  • Ingo Schmidt: Milan 060/60


Agreed by the owner of the iBook/500 the HUGE 3D value of 17000 is not taken into consideration in the TOP 3D section. The reason for that is that the 3D test on this iBook did not complete correctly. So the value also is not correct.

Since I recieved such a lot of resuts - thanks for that - I restructured the results. Now there are separate results pages for the Falcon, TT, Clones and Emulators. The two highest results from these system sections are used in the TOP pages for CPU, FPU, ...

Now I integrated a web counter - I'm eager to see the numbers :-)

New results added:
  • Webmaster: Umax Pulsar 604e/233 - now optimized => it helps!
  • Daniel Pralle: Falcon 040 AfterBurner
  • Oliver Kraeft: TT 030 + CrazyDots II
  • Robert Blätter: Falcon 030/50 CT2b
  • Wolfgang Schmidt: 5x Falcon 030/16 oder 32 MHz => what a lot of work ...
  • Bernd Mädicke: Falcon 040 AfterBurner
  • Tobias Jung: G4/466
  • Johannes Hädrich: iBook/500
  • Robert Blätter: iBook/600


New results added:
  • Richard Gordon Faika: Atari TT + SuperNovaPlus Mach64
  • Rafal Kawecki: Falcon with FPU


The unofficial zBench results page goes online - cheers!! The following results are allready online:
  • from zBench 0.9: Medusa T40, Hades 060, Falcon, Falcon CT2, G4
  • Webmaster: TT Nova, TT, Pulsar 604e/233
  • Thomas Raukamp: G4/400
  • Ingo Schmidt: Milan 060/50